What We Offer

Step foot into Elyte Fitness and your whole perception of training will change.

When you join Elyte Fitness, you are buying into a community culture that is deeply invested in helping everyone who walks through our doors achieve their goals beyond even their wildest expectations.

Our top-of-the-range facilties, extensive members access and supportive community, along with knowledgeable and welcoming coaches, and the sheer determination every single person under our roof has to deliver you a result, means you will not regret joining Elyte Fitness.

Take a look below at what we have to offer

The Gym

The unrivalled gym offers all customers a comprehensive range of equipment, ranging from cardio and resistance equipment, to a full range of free weights, functional equipment and Olympic stations to make sure we have all the bases covered to offer a complete and rounded workout.

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Bootcamp Area

Our group training methodology is functional fitness, a combination of movements that prepare you for the demands and activities of everyday life. Training multiple muscles, nerves and joints at once, better prepares you for whatever challenges life might throw at you. Our fast HIIT based sessions really deliver results.

Personal Training

If you’re serious about getting results and require sole attention from your trainer, nothing can beat One-to-One PT at Elyte Fitness in Ely. The unrivalled combination of a plan designed specifically for you with the motivation, accountability and years of professional experience your dedicated Elyte Trainer brings, will guarantee you achieve your goals.

Session Pricing

1-2-1 - £35.00 Per Session or £300.00 for 10 Sessions

Group of 2 - £50.00 Per Session or £450.00 for 10 Sessions

Group of 4 - £80.00 Per Session or £750.00 for 10 Sessions