Fit3D Body Scanner

Transform the way you see your results with the new Fit3D Scanner at Elyte Fitness


Scan Your Body in 3D

The Fit3D Body Scanner takes under 1 minute to complete & gives you a comprehensive body composition assessment, including body fat and lean mass, along with detailed body measurements, health comparisons & a very detailed postural assessment.

Benefits of the Fit3D Body Scanner

Baseline Assessment

Know exactly where you are now in regards to your health & fitness and use the scan as a comparison further down the line

100% Accountability

The Fit3D Body Scanner will give you the motivation to succeed by giving you your starting blocks to work from! This will hold you accountable rather than burying your head in the sand and avoiding mirrors


The Fit3D Body Scanner will measure your progress in complete privacy and you only share your results when and if you want to. The results are sent directly to your email within 10 minutes of the scan!

Detailed Postural Analysis

The scan will provide you with a detailed postural analysis so you can see what you need to work on with your training

Accurate Weight Loss

The scanner will provide you with a detailed evaluation of your weight. This will help you make sure that the weight you are losing is coming from fat and not hard-earned muscle

Before & After Comparison

The scan will let you visually see the improvements you are making in 3D with detailed before and after comparisons.

Track your Results - person plus 3d model.jpg

In-Depth Reports

The Fit3D Scanner provides you with an in-depth analysis of your body within seconds!

Click the buttons below to view some example reports!


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Booking Your Scan Is Easy To Do

To book your FIT3D Pro-Scan just email us at info@elytefitness.co.uk

You can also drop in and ask at reception who can book you in!