Our Mission

Here at Elyte Fitness, we have a personal approach to keeping fit and healthy. This simply means that we care! 

We want you to achieve your goals, to enjoy being with us and be happy while you’re here with us. We want you to be the best that you can be. Our staff are friendly and approachable, not to mention highly qualified & experienced, and we are here to look after you throughout your fitness journey.

Let Elyte Fitness be your enjoyment and place to thrive, away from the day to day stresses and worries in life.

You are just one workout away from a better vision of yourself, come and try it for your self with our FREE no-obligation induction.

Meet The Team


Dawn Lamb



Courtney Pettifor

Personal Trainer & Gym Instructor


James Honey

Personal Trainer & Gym Instructor


Ollie Rutherford

Personal Trainer & Gym Instructor


Meghan Pollard

Gym Instructor


Nicole Wright

Gym Instructor


Sam Loveday

Gym Instructor



The community at Elyte is what makes it so different to any other gym! The classes are full of variety and Dawn and her team are brilliant motivators. The setup of the gym itself is also great, with a diverse range of equipment for those that would rather do their own thing. In my opinion, Elyte is superior to all other gyms I have ever attended - thoroughly recommend.

Kate Watts